At A Glance

“Collaboration Across Distance”

Welcome to our 6th conference on distributed agile since 2010. I say agile, but really we are about all things that make today’s remote teams effective. We will briefly describe history and goals of our events. So drop your car keys and pickup your mouse, and we’ll see you online!

Is your calendar filled with meetings containing dial in numbers or URLs? Join us as we discuss how to work remote, leverage agile project management, or combine the two. Now in its sixth appearance since 2010, this conference walks the talk by using tools that help today’s global teams. Here remote workers move from exception to first class citizen.

A History of Distributed Agile Worlds™

Mission: eXplore immersive spaces for today’s distributed teams

Year Month Theme Featuring
2018 January Collaboration Across Distance Sococo and Terf
2016 November Stretching Space and Time Sococo, Slack and Terf
2015 Artful Agilists Sococo
2014 October Beyond the Slide Co-branded as Playcamp Online
2012 November Agile Without Borders VenueGen and Terf
2010 January Travel Less Held at Rockcliffe University Consortium